RV Insurance

RV Insurance

There are many variables to determining a custom quote for coverage on your recreational vehicle.

  • What type of “vehicle” do you own, and what is the frequency and duration of your use?
  • How many drivers will be insured? Is it equipped with special accessories and equipment, like awnings and upgraded cooking facilities?
  • What is your comprehensive, or “total loss” replacement value?
  • Are you in need of “full-timer” coverage, or can you suspend coverage while your RV is kept in storage?

Motor homes are generally a substantial investment, much like your house. To many, their coach motor home IS their primary, or secondary home. Either way, you must consider your motor home as your abode, even if for a short term. Just like your home or condo, you will need insurance to protect it from fire, flood, wind, theft, and other types of accidental and unforeseen damages. Additionally, motor homes generally have much more sophisticated appliances and equipment, such as air conditioning and electronic systems, all of which require additional insurance protection to cover replacement or repair.

Rv’s called 5th wheels need coverage for both your truck and your trailer. Because a 5th wheel trailer that you pull behind a your vehicle with a trailer hitch differs greatly from a coach that you drive, 5th wheel RVs have special dangers to insure against. It is important to understand that these types of RVs do not fall under your automobile insurance, and they are not covered under your homeowners policy either.

Travel trailers require you to consider campsite liability and allowances for specialty towing and repair, should you experience a mechanical breakdown. Depending on your state of residence, you may have some existing coverage under your automobile policy that also covers trailers. Sometimes, you can add on to that policy, depending upon the size and use. Many times this protection is very affordable. Of course, a travel trailer sometimes serves other purposes, and some items will not be protected, such as your personal effects. This is an example of why a specialized quote is so important. Contact one of our agents today, so you can get expert advice on what types of additional coverage you will need for your Recreational Vehicle.

Keep these in mind:

Obtain Liability Insurance to insure your valuables and cover the personal property of others. Just like at home, you can ensure not only your costly electronics, but also your personal clothing and travel gear.

You will also need Accident coverage to care for you in cases of emergency, whether that be attributed to roadway conditions or campsite liability.


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